Engineering phytoecosystems for water quality and health

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Ecological Engineering in the Tropics

One of my favorite aspects of my job is the variety of activities that I can lead.  The video below is about the study abroad course I co-instruct during winter breaks with Dr. Luke Reese.  I love teaching this course and it’s amazing how much the students learn in two weeks!

Personally, I think more photos of the technical aspects of our tours (e.g., the digesters, wetlands, food processing plants) would have improved the video – but I can see how that may not be as broadly interesting as sloths and humming birds.  Here’s some of the pictures that give a more technical view of the course.


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Announcing our summer 2015 NSF IRES participants

Our group is glad to welcome this year’s participants in our NSF IRES program.  These students will be joining Ronald Aguilar in Costa Rica for ten weeks this summer to complete a research project, with the help of collaborators from the Universidad de Costa Rica.

Congratulations to our EPA P3 team for winning a Phase II grant!

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Rebecca Bender and Ronald Aguilar, current graduate students in Dr. Reinhold’s research group, successfully led a senior design team consisting of Gina Masell, Nicole Kruse, and Brian Smith to win a Phase II implementation grant for our work in Talamanca, Costa Rica.  With this grant, we will install drinking water and anaerobic digestion/wetland systems in a small indigenous community in 2015 and 2016.

This gallery contains 20 photos

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