Engineering phytoecosystems for water quality and health

Rebecca Bender – brief Bio

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Zannichellia My name is Rebecca Bender and I am a second year graduate student from Escanaba, MI. My undergraduate degree was Civil Engineering from Michigan Technological University, where lay the foundation for the Biosystems Engineering that I study here at Michigan State.

P3 AdventuresThere are plenty of interesting things here at the meeting place of biology and engineering, but my research focuses on how stormwater management systems like bioretention and wetlands can be effective at removing diffuse pollutants. I have also been able to watch over a group of undergraduates in our lab studying the effect of fungal mycelium on stormwater treatment. My interests could lead me toward urban infrastructure, improved agricultural development, or even environmental restoration efforts. In any case, I hope to take with me the pragmatism of an engineer and the cooperative, life-cycle appreciation of an ecologist.

Projects: “Nutrient Removal Effects of Prolonged Saturation in Stormwater Management Systems”;
People, Prosperity, Planet phase I and II EPA grant “Combined Water-Wastewater-Energy Systems for Rural Costa Rica”;
“Performance Effects of Mycelium in Stormwater Management Systems”

Presentations: Environmental Science and Policy Program (October 2013), Graduate Research Symposium (March 2014), American Ecological Engineering Society (June 2014)


Author: rebeccabender

This is my first blog. I have written some, talked much, and mused always, but never published. My impression of the 21st Century is that one must cultivate individuality while engaging as part of a global community; so here I am.

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