Engineering phytoecosystems for water quality and health

For prospective students

Graduate Students

Dr. Reinhold is currently looking for exceptional, self-funded graduate students to conduct research on:

  • Wetlands for protection of water quality
  • Plants for remediation of emerging organic pollutants and hazardous wastes
  • Fate of emerging pollutants and pesticides in vegetated systems
  • Plant tissue culture and genetic engineering to enhance plants capabilities to address water quality problems

Ideal candidate will possess a M.S. in Engineering (Biosystems, Civil, or Chemical); however, all interested candidates are encouraged to apply by contacting Dr. Reinhold at the information below. Candidates must have interest in working with undergraduate students in a multi-disciplinary research area. Previous laboratory experience is desirable.

Research Assistantships

Graduate research assistantships pay a competitive monthly stipend (>$1,600/mo), tuition and fees (24 credits/yr), and health benefits.   No GRAs are currently available.

MSU Fellowships

University Graduate Fellowships.   Applications due in December.  12-month stipend of $24,000 plus health insurance.

Undergraduate Students

Summer and part-time fall/spring positions are available in the areas listed above. Research will likely combine laboratory and field work.


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